a nonviolent direct action campaign aimed to stop the Diamond Pipeline

    Arkansas Rising is a call to action for all water protectors wanting to defend the natural state against the Diamond Pipeline through non-violent civil disobedience. "Death to all Black Snakes"... Shut down the Extraction Industries. New pipelines are not needed, we have plenty, and they all leak, which threatens public safety, and benefits no one but huge greedy corporations. Arkansas Rising respects all forms of civil resistance, but does not organize the destruction of property or the injury of any person. Arkansas Rising respects ALL life. Water is Life, help us protect it!!



  • Diamond Pipeline is not legallly permitted to desecrate our Natural State. Yet they do.

    Call Governor Asa Hutchinson & insist he issue an executive order for an Environmental Impact Statement. Call the Arkansas Core of Engineers as well and ask about the permit.

    2 of the 3 charges were dropped for the remaining 5 water protectors that were arrested on Martin Luther King Day. 12 water protectors were arrested that day. 7 locked down to barrels. 5 were wrongfully arrested for witnessing or recording...4 will take it to a jury. Stay tuned to our events on Facebook for that Solidarity Event.

    arkansas march 4 science

    April 22nd, Earth Day
    Science, not Silence

    Arkansas had a March for Science in Little Rock on Earth Day, and Arkansas Rising was represented by about a dozen concerned citizens. A huge banner reading "Savor the Water" was rolled out behind the podium on the Capitol steps. Next to it a sign with pictures of the Mayflower oil spill asks people to "Protect OUR water" because ALL pipelines leak. Stop Diamond Pipeline. Many people took pictures, but not many were posted. Channel 7 actually put a clip of our water protector on the 10 o'clock news & mentioned the concern about Diamond Pipeline!

    Okalawa is welcoming all people who want to protect our water & planet. Please grab a friend and join us! Click on the link above for more information!

    Over 30 water protectors paddled down the Big Piney Creek, stopped at the point where Diamond Pipeline crosses under the waterway, and blessed the water. Stop all oil pipelines. Water is life. Oil is death.

    "Diamond Pipeline protester arrested for trespassing, obstructing governmental operations"

    Tyler Hamilton, water protector, is being charged with a felony and three misdemeanors. To support the efforts of the water protectors opposing Diamond Pipeline, click HERE.



    Thanks to ALL 32 water protectors who attended the water blessing after a beautiful float down the Big Piney- videos and pictures are being processed now, stay tuned!! Here is the video of the water blessing, enjoy.

    Diamond Pipeline protest held at Valero

    Protectors returned to the Memphis Valero refinery, where 12 water protectors were arrested on Martin Luther King Day.

    An In-Depth look at Diamond Pipeline

    Chris May reports on the Diamond Pipeline in Arkansas

    Savor the Symphony Savor the Water

    Water Protectors conduct a Literature Blitz for Russellville Symphony Guild.

    Arkansas Rising took nonviolent direct action to raise public awareness of the Diamond Pipeline in London, Pope County, Arkansas on Constitution Day 2017, at the annual fundraiser hosted by the Russellville Symphony Guild.

    Water protectors shut down Valero in Memphis

    Protectors blockade Valero Memphis, Diamond Pipeline's last stop. A successful direct action that shut down the site for 12 hours.

    arkansas rising launches

    After an intensive solidarity training, Arkansas Rises!

    December 12th marked the official launch of Arkansas Rising, a nonviolent civil disobedience campaign to stop the Diamond Pipeline!

    Earth First! Newswire reports

    Arkansas Rising officially launches after intensive solidarity training with noDAPL resistance campaign Mississippi Stand

    Fox 13 Memphis provides coverage of ArRising Premiere

    Two arrests were made during a lockdown that stopped drilling under the St. Francis River Monday morning, December 12th, 2016.

    Fox 13 Memphis provides coverage of ArRising Premiere

    Two guardians are brought before a judge after direct action.

  • Camp funds keep Arkansas Rising going!

    Food and supplies for water protectors are necessary to continue raising awareness through flotillas, marches, town meetings court dates and other non-violent civil disobedience. Signs and other literature is costly. Please continue to donate to this fund as well.

    Legal Funds help guardians gain freedom

    Arkansas Rising supports those who participate in peaceful, non-violent civil disobedience to shut down the Diamond Pipeline. Their legal fees are costly, the larger our legal funds, the more readily we can help water protectors who use non-violent civil disobedience against the Diamond Pipeline.


    Follow us on facebook and email us at arkansasrising@gmail.com


    education is our greatest armor. arm yourself with knowledge.


    On Martin Luther King Day, the Valero 12 were arrested for civil disobedience in Memphis TN and The Working Law Firm stepped up to represent our water protectors for free, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Please show them support by liking their page and call them for your legal needs! Share their page: http://theworkinglawfirm.com/
    They did a great job representing water protectors from four different states, by getting most of their charges dropped or dismissed. Call The Working Law Firm when you need a lawyer!! Arkansas Rising cannot THANK them enough!!!

    Stop the Diamond Pipeline with an AG

    Learning how to form an Affinity Group (AG) is essential if you wish to stop the Diamond Pipeline through Civil Disobedience.

    Maps and overview of this Black Snake

    The Diamond Pipeline crosses through Priority Watersheds in Arkansas, Working Areas for Wild Life, Audubon Important Birds Areas, Forest and Wetland Areas, threatening endangered species and Life itself.

    EPA Letter warning Ok

    The EPA warns Oklahoma City Commission about the man-made earthquakes caused by fracking, in regards to the Cushing Oil Hub where Diamond Pipeline is set to begin, and asks them to consider the public health risks. Denise Parkinson obtained this document and has literally begged Glenn Hooks from Sierra Club to help. Nothing has been done, to our knowledge.

    sheriff controls judges?

    After two water protectors locked themselves to machinery, and non-violently stopped construction of the Diamond Pipeline, Sheriff Bobby May made a special trip to threaten those who came to bail out our heroes. This elected official in St. Francis County threatened to put us in a cell and forget about us if we tried to bring awareness to this huge threat to public safety again. He also told us that he sets the fines and tells the judges what to do.

    Arkansas Rising Camp Fund on Crowdrise